Aug 4, 2023 12:00:00 AM | containertracking Top 5 Biggest Container Ships in the World 2023


As freight forwarders and logistics professionals, you know the vital role that container ships play in the transportation of goods around the globe. Container ships have grown in size over the years, and today we're going to take a look at the top five biggest container ships in the world that are set to launch in 2023.

These massive ships will be capable of transporting huge volumes of cargo, setting new records in the shipping industry. So, let's get started and explore the world's biggest container ships.




MSC Sixin

MSC Sixin is a vessel that is being constructed by the South Korean shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries. It will have a carrying capacity of 24,000 TEUs and is set to launch in 2023. According to reports, MSC Sixin will be one of the most technologically advanced container ships in the world, equipped with an efficient engine and Intellian's maritime VSAT antennas.

CMA CGM Jacques Saadé

CMA CGM Jacques Saadé is a massive container ship that was launched in 2020 by the French shipping company CMA CGM. It has a carrying capacity of 23,112 TEUs and is currently the world's largest container ship. The vessel has a length of 400 meters and a width of 61 meters, making it one of the biggest container ships to ever sail.

Ever Ace

Evergreen Group's new container ship named Ever Ace has a carrying capacity of 23,992 TEUs, which will make it one of the largest capacity ships in the world when it launches in 2023. The ship is being built at the Taiwanese shipyard, CSBC Corporation, and will feature the latest design to enhance efficiency, safety, and environmental performance.

The Ocean Alliance

The Ocean Alliance is a group of shipping companies that includes CMA CGM, COSCO Shipping, Evergreen, and OOCL. They have collaborated on a new vessel that will have a carrying capacity of 23,000 TEUs and will be one of the largest container ships in the world. The Ocean Alliance is set to launch in 2023.

HMM Algeciras

HMM Algeciras was launched in 2020 and is the world's second-largest container ship, with a capacity of 23,964 TEUs. The vessel, which is owned by the South Korean company Hyundai Merchant Marine, is currently the largest container ship in the world in terms of length, with a size of 400 meters.

As we have seen, container ships are growing in size, setting new records in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. These ships are capable of carrying staggering volumes of cargo and are equipped with the latest technology to enhance efficiency, safety, and environmental performance. In 2023, we can expect to see these vessels become even larger, setting new benchmarks in the shipping industry. As logistics professionals, it's essential to stay updated with new developments in the shipping industry, especially with the arrival of these new container ships. After all, they will impact shipping and transportation for years to come.

What are the largest container ships in the world?

The world's largest container ships include MSC Sixin, CMA CGM Jacques Saadé, Ever Ace, The Ocean Alliance, and HMM Algeciras. These massive vessels boast carrying capacities ranging from 23,000 to 24,000 TEUs.

When will these new container ships launch?

These impressive container ships are set to launch in 2023, introducing a new era of global freight transportation with their unprecedented capacities and advanced technology.

Which ship holds the record for the highest carrying capacity?

Currently, CMA CGM Jacques Saadé holds the record for the highest carrying capacity among container ships, with a staggering 23,112 TEUs.

Who are the manufacturers of these gigantic ships?

Leading shipbuilders like Samsung Heavy Industries, CSBC Corporation, and Hyundai Merchant Marine are responsible for constructing these cutting-edge vessels.

How will these ships impact the shipping industry?

The arrival of these mega-container ships is set to revolutionize the shipping industry, enabling more efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods on a global scale.

What advancements are incorporated in these vessels?

The largest container ships boast advanced technologies, efficient engines, enhanced safety features, and environmentally-friendly designs to optimize performance and reduce carbon footprints.

Which companies operate these massive container ships?

Prominent shipping companies like MSC, CMA CGM, Evergreen Group, and Hyundai Merchant Marine own and operate these mega-container vessels, ensuring seamless global logistics.

How will these ships benefit freight forwarders and logistics professionals?

Freight forwarders and logistics professionals can leverage these colossal container ships to handle higher cargo volumes, streamline operations, and offer more competitive shipping solutions to their clients.

What challenges do these giant ships pose for ports and infrastructure?

The introduction of these super-sized vessels presents challenges for ports and infrastructure, necessitating upgrades to accommodate larger ships and handle increased cargo volumes efficiently.