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    Every logistics projects consist of multiple LCL,FCL (FTL, LTL) bookings and multimodal transportations.
    With Modaltrans, you can manage all of them easily. Case Study

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Modaltrans is cloud based and support mobil devices

You don't have to install any software, just register and you can start to use it.
Modaltrans is responsive, which means simply works on your smartphone and tablet.

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Project Management

Logistics operations are very complicated.
Any simple operation means so many bookings, packages, containers, multimodal transportations, documents, invoices...
As a logistics professional, you must coordinate this orchestra, and inform your customers in real time.
And Modaltrans can help you to manage these. Let's see how...

Logistics Project Management on Modaltrans

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When you aggreed to transport any customers' loadings, you probably open a folder. You give a number to it, and write a title which will remind you what was that for. That means a new project for Modaltrans.

Any booking means one or multiple packages, containers, loading and unloading points. All of these needs so much care and planning.

With Modaltrans, you can plan and manage your customer's bookings easily.

At last decades, logistics processes changed so much. Now loadings have been transporting between nodes with different vehicles which is called as multimodal or intermodal transportation. That means shorter times, cheaper prices for logistics companies.

But for logistics processionals, it also means so many documents, many voyages, departure and arrival dates and so much attention. Now, Modaltrans is here to help you.

Logistics project means so many invoices, debit or credit notes, profit sharing notes.

Any logistics project means so many companies; customer(s), suppliers (truck companies, liners, train companies, airlines), and foreign agent(s) (for sharing the costs and profits).

With Modaltrans, you can enter estimated invoice lines at beginning of project. And when it came time, you can turn them to invoices. Modaltrans supports multiple currencies and different currency rates.

During the processes of a logistics project, so many costs are made by your stuff, truck drivers or by foreign agent.

Cost can change from country to country and from time to time. With Modaltrans, you can enter project's costs, and at the end, you can calculate the accual profit for every project.

Lead Management

Most of the logistics operations start with leads.
You probably have so many phone calls from your customers which just ask freight prices and want you to send them a bid document.
At the end of the month, you must see, how many bids did you send; how many of them has been accepted by your customers; how many of them has been rejected and why they are rejected.

Every lead means a customer or potential customer which also means so many contacts, which we call all them as your network.

You must recognize your contacts and customer more closely and thanks to the social media services, we can help you on this. With Modaltrans, you can follow your customers and contacts twitter, linkedin and facebook accounts.

Lead means bidding, so you must send your freight prices to your customers or contacts.

With Modaltrans, you can prepare detailed prices for freight prices, port costs... You can preview that lead as PDF, and send them as mail.

Before sending the prices to your customer, you probably contact to your suppliers such as sea liners, truck companies, airline liners. And they will send the freight rates for your destination.

With Modaltrans, you save those rates for every lead, so you can compare them according to suppliers for different rates. And, you can calculate the right freight prices for your customers.

For every lead, you probably want to determine your profit range, so you will be able to send actual prices to your customers.

Costs are really important at this process and they can change for every country which your transportation will be placed. With modaltrans you can enter estimated costs at the beginning and you can measure the real costs after the operation completed.

Lead Management on Modaltrans

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Booking Management

Bookings are the core of logistics projects, common point with your customers.
Bookings need good planning; where will be loaded, where will be unloaded, who will do customs procedures, who will be notified.
With Modaltrans you can plan your bookings easily.

Booking Management on Modaltrans

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Bookings may be loaded form one place or multiple places. Every point needs different plan.
Sender company and custom officer must be coordinated, special equipments must be arranged. Truck company and driver must be informed.

With Modaltrans, you can see all these just in one page and you can manage these processes easily.

Same situation is in use for planning unloading. Every booking can have one or multiple destination places for unloading. Also, consignee companies, notify companies must be informed. Documents must be send to custom officers.

If there is a foreign agent, documents must be shared with them too. With Modaltrans, you can manage all these processes easily.

Packages are important for calculating the total weight or chargable weight. Also volume and ladameter can be used to calculate the chargable weight.

With modaltrans you can follow every booking's packages, dimensions and chargable weights, so you can offer right prices to customers.

If the cargo will be transported by ship, then you probably use containers.

Container means, you have certain dates to loading and unloading. Otherwise, you have to pay demurrage fees. With Modaltrans, you can be reminded for demurrages fees right on time.

Document Management

Logistics operations have many documents; Bill of ladings, CMRs, CIMs, Certificate of origins, Packing Lists, Invoices...
It is hard to manage following those documents. With Modaltrand, you can upload documents to related logistics project and reach them from anywhere, even from mobile devices.

You can upload documents to related logistics project or lead or booking.

So, you won't have to remember if your customer sent you the bill of lading order, what was the conditions on contract. As those documents will be on cloud, you can reach and control them from anywhere and any devices.

Logistics operations start with documents, bill of lading order form, transportation contract, pro forma invoices...

All of these documents must be generated according to booking info. With Modaltrans, you can generate PDF files for bookings or leads. Also, Modaltrans supports templating which means we can generate those PDFs specific to your company.

Document Management on Modaltrans

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Collaborate with your team

Logistics teams are always distributed; while operation teams are in the offices or branches, customs officers are at customs, warehouse employees are in the warehouse and drivers are usually on the road.
So it is hard to collaborate with all team members on a project.
With Modaltrans you can assing tasks to team members, discuss anything about project, comment to project or lead.

Team Collaboration on Modaltrans

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Logistics projects and leads usually have something to be done.
Documents must be received from customers, documents must be send to agents or consignees or notifies, invoices must be send right on time.

With Modaltrans, you can assing tasks to team members about any project, lead or booking.

It is important to take opinions of team member about projects, leads.

So, you can handle customers priorities, learn alternative suppliers, find new contact for a potential customer.

With Modaltrans, you can start discussions about any project or booking or lead, and all team members can say something on it.

Commenting is new trend, we can comment about anything on social media tools like facebook, twitter, linkedin.

The same applies to leads, projects and bookings on Modaltrans.
Why lead failed, what had gone wrong on project. With modaltrans, any team member comment on projects, tasks, discussions or can ask questions about all of them.

Fleet Management

If you are a truck company, you probably have multiple trailers, trucks and others. And that means you must follow their maintenance intervals and documents which has time constraints.
If you are using any mobile tracking system, you need to follow your trucks on the map. Now Modaltrans can help you.

Trucks and trailers need maintenance at the specific date ranges.

You must be reminded for these periods. Also, you must follow what parts are changed at those maintenances. With Modaltrans, you can follow these records.

Every truck has many documents for local authorities and foreign authorities, and these must be renew time by time.

With Modaltrans, you can manage these documents. It will remind you, before they get expired.

Fuel is the largest expenses for trucks, so it must be managed carefully.

With Modaltrans, you can enter every truck's fuel logs, so you can report them later. If you are using fuel cards from vendors like DKV, Shell or T-Chek; we can integrate those services into Modaltrans, so you can get reports from their system.

Today, most of the truck companies are using mobile vehicle tracking systems (GPS tracking systems).

For now, Modaltrans is working with Vektor Telekom, but shortly it will be integrated by Arvento and Satko. If you are using these vendors products, then you can follow your trucks at Modaltrans without login to another application.
If you are using another vendor, please write us their name or website, so we can integrate Modaltrans with their system.

Fleet Management on Modaltrans

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Network Management

Customers, vendors, agents, liners, custom officers, senders, consignees; and your contacts, all of them are your network.
For a single project, you may work with so many different companies and people. So, you need to know, what your competitors doing, did any potential customer closed a new business aggrement, did a logistics professional changed his position or job.
With Modaltrans, you can manage your network easily.

Network Management on Modaltrans

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Your customers, vendors, suppliers (truck companies or warehouse companies), foreight agents, sea or air lines; you can manage all of them at companies section.
With modaltrans, you can follow those companies social media accounts, so you don't miss anything.

Like every industry, logistics operations done with people. You probably have so many contacts, who works at your customers, agents, vendors...

With Modaltrans, you can manage your contacts simply and you can follow their social media accounts.

Today, business world is so connected by social media.

Most of the companies has a facebook account or twitter account or linkedin account. With modaltrans, you can follow the social media accounts of your contacts and companies.