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Logistics Software

Simplify your operations, collaborate with other stakeholders and gain end-to-end visibility on every shipment.

Key Features

Experience unparalleled efficiency and innovation with Modaltrans.                                          Elevate your logistics game with our cutting-edge features.


Comprehensive freight management, efficient invoicing, and accounting, all in one package

Central Smart Hub

Streamline operations with centralized coordination platform for efficient data exchange

Real-time Tracking

Get full visibility into all transportation modes with the power of real-time tracking

Automated Documentation

Automate creation and processing of customs documentation and reducing errors 

Financial Reporting

Effortlessly generate financial reports with our automated tools, simplifying accounting processes

Advanced CRM

Manage the entire customer journey with our CRM, from lead generation to post-sales support

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"With Modaltrans, our logistics become effortlessly controllable from one central hub. It streamlines and simplifies our entire operations, making everything run smoothly"

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Amy Merchant
PM, Ferdinand Bilstein

"We've experienced a significant increase in productivity with Modaltrans. The platform's reliability gives us peace of mind. It's the ideal tool to grow our business"


Korcan Tugrul
MD, Rhenus Logistics

"Thanks to Modaltrans's exceptional user interface, our task management has achieved unprecedented levels of efficiency. The user experience provided is genuinely unmatched"


Luke Brown
PM, Atanak Forwarding

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Central Hub Boosts

internal and external coordination

We democratize the technology for entire industry. Cutting-edge logistics management platform streamlines day to day operations of Forwarders, Shippers and Brokers with unique data and document exchange abilities.

Elevate Logistics Excellence

with Modaltrans

Revolutionize customer experience in logistics with our All-in One platform. Elevate engagement through our customer portal. Track your shipments with ease.

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Optimized Route Planning
  • Workflow Automation
  • Invoice Auditing
  • FCL,LCL & Air Freight

Automate your Supply Chain

with Modaltrans

Empower your cargo ownership journey with Modaltrans. Gain control, visibility, and efficiency in managing your valuable shipments from start to finish.

  • Cargo Visibility
  • Actionable Intelligence
  • Vendor Collaboration Portal
  • Integrated Communication
  • Reduce Admin Time
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Automate and Revolutionize

your Brokerege Business! 

Navigate customs complexities effortlessly with Modaltrans. Our platform ensures seamless customs brokerage, facilitating smoother  international trade.

  • Export Declarations
  • Import Declarations
  • NCTS Transit
  • Bulk Excel Upload
  • All CSPs Covered

What are the key features  Modaltrans' accounting module?

Modaltrans' accounting module offers comprehensive financial management tools, including invoicing, billing, expense tracking, and reporting capabilities.

Learn about our robust security measures, billing procedures, and how our dedicated support team can assist you with any technical issues you encounter along the way.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to speak with one of our experts!

What is logistics software?

Logistic software is a digital solution that streamlines supply chain and transportation processes, optimizing operations, tracking shipments, and enhancing collaboration.

How does logistics software work?

Logistics software integrates with supply chain components, using algorithms and data analytics to optimize routes, manage inventory, track shipments, and facilitate real-time communication.

Why is logistics software important?

Logistics software enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, ensures timely deliveries, and provides end-to-end visibility, making supply chain management more effective and customer-centric.

Can I customize the logistics software to fit my needs?

Yes, software solutions offer customizable features or modules to cater to specific business needs, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

How is data security ensured in logistics software?

Leading logistics software prioritizes data security with advanced encryption, regular audits, secure hosting, and compliance with global data protection regulations.

Engagement Portal

Simplify the complex world of logistics management with our intuitive and user-friendly portal

Agent Interfaces

Explore the boundless horizons of connectivity as our interfaces effortlessly for Vendors & Oversea Agents

Data Exchange

Experience the seamless and efficient exchange of data, allowing your logistics network to thrive without any disruptions

Boost your Productivity 

with Modaltrans

Effortlessly manage your business with the features Modaltrans offers. Contact us to learn how we can assist you.

  • Customer Support
  • Advanced Security
  • Cloud Based
  • No Contracts

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