Smart and modern online logistics management software

Modaltrans provides seamless and bespoke logistics and transport management solutions for the unique needs of businesses with flat and affordable pricing model

Modaltrans works on every mobile, desktop device
Modaltrans works on every mobile, desktop device


Freight Forwarders manage their businesses efficiently, with the use of our CRM, sales/finance reports, electronic paperwork and booking records.

Fleet Operators find the optimal way to organise and track all assets, drivers and documents in real time.

3PL's carry out complex intermodal operations by giving all departments and branches access to a joined system and manage financials with custom reports.

Shippers make online tenders, create quotes, generate contracts and bring visibility to the whole processes and use our integration capabilities to sync inbound and outbound operations.

Modaltrans works on every mobile, desktop device


Logistics Operations. Easily manage various types of projects including intermodal. Organize your FCL, LCL, FTL and LTL freight efficiently with automatic e-documents to avoid data replication.

Fleet Management. Modaltrans can track the location of your vehicles and trailers as well as fuel logs, driver expenses, equipment, planned maintenance and much more.

Document Management. All relevant documents can be created in Modaltrans or uploaded and stored securely in the cloud making them instantly available from anywhere.

Accounting&Finance. Modaltrans includes a comprehensive financial module allowing users to create all fiscal documents such as invoices, e-bills and receipts as well as inbuilt and custom reports for profitability, forecasting and more.

CRM. Manage contacts, quotations, emails, notes and agreements in one screen.

Modaltrans works on every mobile, desktop device


Modaltrans includes intelligent integrations such as Real-time GPS tracking, telematics, customs and business intelligence.

Acceleration in workflow. Get instant updates, sync with web and cloud based services, fetch your documents, bills and statements automatically.

Full visibility and mobility. Digital experience available anywhere, anytime and from any device responsively.

Modaltrans works on every mobile, desktop device


Everything in one place. Orders, shipments, documents, invoices, contacts and more, all deeply integrated into the platform.

Everyone on the same page. Supply your team the tools they require to work collaboratively and achieve higher rates of productivity.

From chaos to clarity. Organise your whole supply chain keeping everything under control.

Relocate your business with tech-based solutions

<Get real-time visibility and receive configurable notifications>

Track the movement of freight in the same screen with the ability to receive and share status updates on automatically.

<End-to-End digital experience and responsiveness>

The modern infrastructure within Modaltrans provides clarity and control capability for your whole operation to keep your business running smoothly.

<Easy to use, no need for huge investments and establishment cost is zero>

There is no setup costs or perpetual license fees. Define teams, branches and contacts, import vehicle / driver’s info. Be ready in minutes.

Did you see what Modaltrans can achieve

Modaltrans works on every mobile, desktop device
It is the only tool we need for entire organization.

"We as a team of more than 300 people located in several offices and spread across Europe manage all our operations seamlessly with Modaltrans"

Gokbora Logistics

Gizem C.

Air and Sea Transport Manager / Gokbora

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Modaltrans works on every mobile, desktop device