Modaltrans is also designed for manufacturers, distributors and other shippers with multi-mode shipping requirements. Automate and streamline every state of transportation which are planning, execution and visibility.

<Warehouse Management>

Modaltrans helps control and manage daily operations in a warehouse. It provides info regarding the current stock availability, optimal picking routes, put-away and shipping of your products.

<Executive Reports>

Modaltrans offers comprehensive reports for your executive team to monitor all the actions in the company and gain best business insight to make a better decisions regarding transportation operations.

<EDI and API>

Modaltrans can easily be connected with your current business systems, thanks to our modern infrastructure and integration options and that is allowing you to create a powerful logistics platform.

Modaltrans transport management features

Meet with the easy way of managing logistics

Modaltrans allows you to manage all complex logistics operations with ease. You can open online tenders and invite forwarders, subcontractors and carriers to bid. Moreover, you can manage and monitor all orders, e-mails and paperwork in one platform.

Finally, you can see real-time locations of your deliveries, create status reports and get instant status notifications with Modaltrans.

Bespoke solutions for your company

We understand that all the businesses have unique approaches and styles. Modaltrans would be the technology partner of yours to achieve a tailor-made solution for your company.

With talented engineering team and tons of previous experience on particular industries, Modaltrans assure you to provide a perfect solution for your needs.

Modaltrans fleet management features

The Extras

Contract Management

Modaltrans provides a comprehensive module to manage your transportation rates, benchmark rates, negotiated carrier rates, and other business processes across your stores and warehouses.

Data Protection

Modaltrans uses Microsoft Azure datacenters and strictly commit to keep your own data with full transparency, get regular backups and give you choice in how you store, process, and protect your data.

Managing User&Roles

There are multiple types of user roles available in Modaltrans. User management involves defining and managing users, roles, and their access levels in a system; additionally on authentication policies.

Dedicated Support

Modaltrans takes supoort issues seriously and solve your problems in 24 hours. You may raise support tickets on our dedicated help desk tool for fast resolution or simply give us a call to reach dedicated support staff.