Modaltrans provides unique solutions for all participants of the logistics industry. Warehouse owners, custom agencies and logistics aggregators configure Modaltrans to streamline their daily operations.

<Warehouse Operators>

Modaltrans helps control and manage daily operations in a warehouse. It allows you to manage current stock availability, optimal picking routes, receiving and dispatching operations.

<Custom Agencies>

Modaltrans brings visibility and traceability on the entire import/export cycle. It allows you to manage all files and documents efficiently; thus leaving you to make quick and simple customs declarations.


Modaltrans is the correct foundation for logistics aggregators and helps them to manage contract transports and service providers digitally. It covers all the necessary modules to manage entire network.

Modaltrans transport management features

Comprehensive WMS Features

Modaltrans consists all the unique warehouse management system functions and provides the all the key features and functionalities.

Beside all the basic features like inbound/receiving, picking, putaway management, shipping scheduling and all outbound operations, it will also provide manifest tools for trucks help input data into the inventory system and prepare the warehouse for incoming goods all could be automatized and synced with barcode scanners.

Speed up the declaration processes with seamless integrations

By integrating customs processes with the Modaltrans, you significantly speed up the declaration process. All relevant customs data pertaining to the goods are entered only once; comprehensive integration prevents duplication and speeds up the process.

Additionally, the declaration process with customs can run fully automated. Via EDI, our customs module works in sync with the systems used by customs authorities and other government agencies.

Modaltrans fleet management features

The Extras

Tariff Management

Modaltrans provides a comprehensive module to manage your transportation rates, benchmark rates, negotiated carrier rates, and other business processes across your stores and warehouses.

API End points

Enabled API end points allows you to communicate with your existing ERP system, TMS providers and third-party logistics service providers for advance business management.


Modaltrans is flexible tool that can be identifying solutions to your day-to-day operations, aims to deliver a seamless, high-performance technology partner and handles all implementation, integration, and configuration processes professionally

Continuous Improvement

It is the mission in Modaltrans to improve in a parallel to updated technologies and achieve most suitable solution for customers according to their objectives with extensive in-house experience and acquainted development team.