Modaltrans is an all in one business solution for the logistics industry and as such includes further modules out of the box that are not typically included within other logistic and freight management systems. Still, the flexible structure of Modaltrans give you possibility to integrate Modaltrans at a pace that suits your business and existing ERP systems.

Modaltrans works on every mobile, desktop device

<Warehouse Management>

The WMS module in Modaltrans controls the day to day operations of your warehouse via integrated racking labels and a handheld terminal app with barcode reader for picking and put away tasks.

<Customs Declarations>

Modaltrans offers comprehensive customs functionality which is integrated with the customs authorities in The UK, Germany, Serbia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and more. The customs module allows users to create and submit customs declarations speeding up the process and increasing efficiency.

<Human Resources>

Modaltrans' HR module offers comprehensive tools to manage the entire employee lifecycle including employee management, payroll, holidays, sickness, attendance management and more. All associated documents can be uploaded and stored within the system for easy retrieval later.

Modaltrans transport management features

Transit declarations and integrations with custom

Modaltrans provides every type of import, export and transit declaration covering both normal and simplified procedures. Modaltrans enables you to submit T1/T2 and TR declarations, TIR pre-notifications, (EPD) and ENS-ICS declarations for movements throughout the EU and further.

Reduce office clutter to increase productivity

Modaltrans allows your office to go almost completely paperless, you will no longer have to file and store documents manually thanks to the unlimited uploads available within Modaltrans. Documents are stored in a central repository in Modaltrans in our UK based data centers, hosted by Microsoft Azure. Ensuring 100% integrity, confidentiality and availability of your data.

Modaltrans fleet management features

The extras


Supply Chains are shifting from product to customer-centric. Meet and exceed your customers’ expectations with automatic and data-driven notifications and embedded web services.

Control Tower

The Control Tower functionality allows users to capture and leverage key data in real-time, such as the delivery time, inventory availability and costs of transportation.

Managing User & Roles

There are multiple types of user roles available in Modaltrans. User management involves defining and managing users, roles, and their access levels in a system; additionally on authentication policies.

Tailor Made Solutions

We understand that each business is different and that your chosen software needs to be flexible. Thanks to our in-house expertise and resources we are able to offer you additional development and customizations specific to your needs.