Modaltrans wants to provide every tool for business management and coded as all in one suited solution for logistics industry and handle entire business needs from transportation management to warehouse management and finance management. Modaltrans is totally cloud based and flexible software that allows you to manage all staff and branches in one station.

<Warehouse Management>

The WMS module in Modaltrans controls the day to day operations of your warehouse via integrated racking labels and a handheld terminal app with barcode reader for picking and put away tasks. Take control of all loading and unloading operations.

<Transit Declarations>

Modaltrans provides every type of import, export and transit declaration covering both normal and simplified procedures. Modaltrans enables you to submit T1/T2 and TR declarations, TIR pre-notifications, ENS-ICS declarations for movements throughout the EU and further.

<Fuel and Maintenance Logs>

Monitor all fuel and maintenance costs easily. Manage the service points, fuel and maintenance requests. Moreover, keep records of purchase vouchers, fuel funds, in house VMU costs or off site maintenance expenditures.

Modaltrans transport management features

Entire business in the same page

Modaltrans allows all members of your organization from the admin staff to operational crew work collaboratively.

It is the only tool you need manage orders, shipments, documents, invoices and more.are all in the same place.

Executive level will take advantage of detailed and customizable reports to gain business insight.

TMS built for your needs

Modaltrans have been developed with a user-oriented mindset by the co-founders who have the lots of years industrial experience and qualified developer team of Modaltrans continually adds new functions and features according to feedbacks from existing users.

On the other hand, Modantrans understand the importance of effective technical support for users. For this reason help desk tool has been developed within Modaltrans to raise support tickets for fast resolution.

Modaltrans fleet management features

The Extras

Contract Management

Modaltrans provides a comprehensive module to manage your sell rates, benchmark rates, negotiated carrier rates, and other business processes across locations and increase visibility into Service Level Agreements.

Customer Satisfaction

Let your customers receive automatic and real-time update emails on their freight’s location. In addition, Modaltrans can either share those info to ERP system of your customer or make online window available to sign-in.

Managing User&Roles

There are multiple types of user roles available in Modaltrans. User management involves defining and managing users, roles, and their access levels in a system; additionally on authentication policies.

Tailor Made Solutions

We understand that each business is different and that your chosen software needs to be flexible. Thanks to our in-house expertise and resources we are able to offer you additional development and customizations specific to your needs.