Modaltrans allows forwarding companies to manage all transportation and business activities end to end, seamlessly. With modern, fast and cloud based technology of Modaltrans, forwarders share the information with their clients automatically; moreover collaborate with their agents or their international offices at ease.


With seamless integrations you can manage your airway bill operations electronically. Create and submit e-AWB documents.


Store and manage all accounts information, contact details, quotes, contracts, pricing and other relevant data.

<EDI Portals>

Modaltrans allows you to communicate with customs approved Community Systems Providers (CSPs) like Destin8, CNS and CCS.

Modaltrans transport management features

Manage the multimodal freights only with one record

Modaltrans unites all operations from ocean to rail to long haul into one booking operation with first and last-mile drayage for real-time event and cost tracking. Multi-modal work order creation and tender assignment, acceptance and amendment are all simple operations to handle with Modaltrans.

Document Management

Modaltrans provides a powerful electronic document management solution for freight companies putting all documentation for consignments ranging from shipping notes to dangerous goods notes, commercial invoices, waybills and bills of ladings in order.

Modaltrans makes it easy to convert hard-copy documents into secure electronic files. All you need is a scanner. Finally, our digital archive of all your shipping documents is limitless.

Modaltrans fleet management features

The Extras


Supply Chains are shifting from product to customer-centric. Meet and exceed your customers’ expectations with automatic and data-driven notifications and embedded web services.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Modaltrans offers pleasantly simple per-user charges and avoids any unexpected extra costs, like the cases of additional document storage or hidden fees on number of bookings.

EDI Integrations

EDI has become a requirement in the transportation industry to exchange information as fast as possible. Modaltrans allows you to communicate with carriers, service providers and even with your existing softwares at ease.

Customizable Documents

You can develop and/or modify your forms, invoices and all transportation relevant documents in Modaltrans. Moreover, while creating necessary pdfs you can modify it and/or add your notes which provides full flexibility.