Modaltrans is the robust TMS solution that assists trucking and logistics companies in all operations of their business from accounting to dispatching. It is easy to manage your own assets, rental vehicles and drivers within Modaltrans.

<NCTS-Transit Declarations>

Submit T1/T2 and TR declarations, TIR pre-notifications (EPD) and ENS-ICS declarations at the transit regimes of EU including Germany and France; UK, Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia.

<Asset Management>

Modaltrans offers comprehensive tool set to track and trace your physical assets including trucks, trailers, spare parts, technical equipments, GPS devices, and even ratchet straps effectively throughout their lifecycle.

<GPS Tracking>

You can seamlessly connect your GPS service provider into Modaltans and start to manage all your deliveries in one screen. Take advantage of location based notifications and monitoring all your loadings in Modaltrans.

Modaltrans transport management features

Manage your finances efficiently and take the control of your expenses

The key to running a successful trucking business is tracking your expenses. With the help of Modaltrans, you can improve your profitability and control costs.

Modaltrans is an advance tool which allows you to pay your drivers and owner operators much more easily. Manage your driver payrolls, advances, bonuses and deductions; gain full view on profitability of all your shipments.

Enjoy the smart way of organizing dispatches

Track and manage your trucks availability and plan your trips accordingly. Create FTL (Full Truckload) and LTL (Less-than-Truckload) dispatches, manage them in one place and complete your scheduling with a few clicks intuitively.

Visual scheduling allows you to get a bird’s eye view of your dispatching needs and improve your planning.

Modaltrans fleet management features

The Extras


Use Modaltrans mobile app that allows your drivers submit trip documents like BOL, POD and more which is automatically indexed into the relevant order. In addition, that will bring real-time visibility to your shipments.

Instant Reminders

To keep your trucks and trailers in the best shape Modaltrans notify you about periodical maintenance calendar. Moreover, it allows you to manage main vehicle and driver documents; helps you to take action before the expiry dates.

Fuel Management

Modaltrans provides a better view of your fuel expenses to help increase profitability. Our system interfaces to the major fuel card suppliers in Europe and in the UK.

Load Boards

Connect with major load boards and search the right load for your business. Post your idle trucks and find the right load for your trucks directly in Modaltrans.