Modaltrans automatically gathers data such as driving analytics, vehicle maintenance, vehicle and trailer location, driver expenses, waiting time, customs clearance time and trip report data . This information can be analyzed and fed into payroll and accounts automatically all within the same platform. This reduces data entry, administration and increases financial security.

Modaltrans works on every mobile, desktop device

<Asset Management>

Track and trace your physical assets including trucks, trailers, spare parts, technical equipments, GPS devices, and even ratchet straps effectively throughout their lifecycle, allowing you to effectively manage the largest to the smallest outgoings.

<Driver Management>

Store and manage all essential information and documents related to drivers including licenses, penalties, insurance documents, permits, safety scores, advances, fuel and payrolls. In addition, receive automatic notifications to renew and validate documents near their expiry date.

<Fuel & Maintenance Logs>

Monitor all fuel and maintenance costs easily. Manage the service points, fuel and maintenance requests. Moreover, keep records of purchase vouchers, fuel funds, in house VMU costs or off site maintenance expenditures.

Modaltrans transport management features

Interact with your drivers

Modaltrans provides mobile app for the drivers and present an effective solution for collaboration on relevant transportation. Via a comprehensive mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android, drivers can enter data; receive information and instructions from the back office. It also becomes very easy to manage submission processes at customs, capturing physical documents, collecting signatures on POD, and so on.

Full visibility for better planning and customer service

Keeping all the vehicles, drivers and operations under control is not simple with conventional methods. Modaltrans uses API integration and EDI feeds from carriers to provide real-time status tracking of your shipments, this allows you to keep your clients informed and to easily monitor your service status and KPI's.

Modaltrans fleet management features

The extras

GPS and Telematics Integrations

Modaltrans can be integrated with GPS Tracking and telematics services as well as load boards and carriers.

Location-triggered Notifications

Receive and share real-time geo push notifications about your shipments at key points throughout the transport and final destination.

Route Planning

Modaltrans can be integrated with leading route planning software to give you the ability to plan the most efficient routes automatically.

Subcontractors and Freelance Drivers

Simplified fleet management with leased trucks, trailers, and freelancers all in one platform. Via Modaltrans app on any device giving enhanced monitoring of subcontractors.