Modaltrans removes the time-consuming complexities associated with managing accounts for your business and it is developed to handle all of the of accounting, finance and reporting requirements of business operations in the supply chain industry in ways that are superior to the capabilities of any generic accounting solution.

<Ledger Accounts>

Handle the entire billing needs backed by seamless information flow from operations. Also manage general ledger accounts, in multiple currencies and multiple billing types.

<Strengthen Financial Practices>

Streamline and simplify your daily transactions while improving accounting accuracy. Instead of wasting hours on audits, detect inconsistencies between invoices and rates automatically.

<Payroll Management>

Modaltrans automates the calculation and processing of timesheets, allowances, entitlements, deductions, and payments. Therefore, it ease to manage advances, wages, benefits and bonuses.

Modaltrans transport management features

The powerful accounting system for transport and logistics businesses

Seamless, real-time integration with other key modules of our solution like transportation management, fleet management, booking management, etc. ensures that relevant information is made available to your accounting and finance department to issue invoices, monitor and record revenues&costs. Additionally, it provides all the tools for capital management, payroll processing and more.

Fast, seamless, real-time financial reporting at your fingertips

The ability to deliver fast financial reporting is key to success in any business. In an industry where margins are often slim, ensuring that these reports are accurate as well is a must. Modaltrans' Financial Accounting Management features a huge array of customizable reports available on-call with one click. Managers and owners can enjoy a complete 360-degree view of the entire business, or any part of the business down to the finest detail, at any moment.

Modaltrans fleet management features

Discover the extras

Digital Communication

Enable Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for integration between your existing business systems and Modaltrans standardize and digitize your orders or invoices.

3rd Party Services

For those whom wants to continue with existing accounting software or add other financial services onboard we have API points to integrate with them seamlessly.

Business Insight

Generate insightful reports on expenses, fleet performance, invoices, personnel and driver management and take advantage of BI for profit & loss estimation per load.

Risk Management

Set up credit limits for each customers; thus manage customer risk and push your salespeople negotiate on better payment terms and limiting its exposure to the risk of bad debts.