Modaltrans handles the accounting, finance and reporting for your business which helps to boost productivity and removes the need to manually re-enter data.

Modaltrans works on every mobile, desktop device

<Ledger Accounts>

Modaltrans allows seamless information flow between Finance and Operations Teams. Ledger accounts can be managed accurately allowing real time business decisions to be made from the same platform.

<Strengthen Financial Practices>

Linking between operations and finance allows for two way data flow of credit management policies. Inconsistencies between invoices and rates can be detected in real time.

<Payroll Management>

Modaltrans automates the calculation and processing of timesheets, allowances, entitlements, deductions, and payments allowing easy and accurate staff payroll management.

Modaltrans transport management features

The powerful accounting tools designed for the logistics industry

Unlike 'off the shelf products', Modaltrans provides a link between finance and operations management. Easily track down issues with linked data and monitor business performance in real time. In addition, it provides all the financial tools for capital management, lease monitoring, payroll processing, bank transactions and more.

Fast, seamless and real-time reporting

Enjoy a 360 degree view of your business in real time with the in depth reporting suite within Modaltrans. Make informed decisions quickly with the rich data available at your fingertips from anywhere and from any device.

Furthermore, you can customize the reports according to your company needs and expectations. Configure your settings and receive spotted financials automatically.

Modaltrans fleet management features

The Extras

Digital Communication

Enable Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for integration between your existing business systems and Modaltrans to standardize and digitize your orders and invoices.

3rd Party Services

Modaltrans can be integrated with existing accounting software via API, EDI and XML allowing you to continue with your current systems with minimal impact or with other services like Quickbooks, Xero and Sage.

Business Insight

Generate insightful reports on expenses, fleet performance, invoices, personnel and driver management and take advantage of BI for profit & loss estimation per booking.

Risk Management

Set up credit limits for each customer reducing your exposure to bad debt. Add financial status notifications to customer accounts to inform your operations team when creating new bookings.