With All The Features You Need

A fully compliant and innovative platform of Modaltrans provides a wide variety of features from customs management to freight management, automatic invoicing to insightful business reports.

Fully Functional

Modaltrans is directly integrated with relevant HMRC services and provides the functionality for handling all types of Customs entry types


  • Import Declarations
  • Export Declarations
  • T1-T2 Transit Declarations
  • GVMS Declarations
  • Safety&Security Declarations
  • and more...

Connected with CSPs

Modaltrans allows to submission of declarations via CNS, MCP, Pentant, and CCS-UK for the declarations raised on inventory-linked ports, respectively.

Connected with GVMS

Modaltrans is an authorized software that allows you to create GMRs' directly via the Goods Vehicle Movement Service for your pre-lodged declarations.

Simplified Procedure

Modaltrans covers all customs freight simplified procedure (CFSP) message types, including the Simplified Frontier Declaration (SFD) at major UK ports.

NCTS Management

The system is integrated with almost every member country of the Common Transit Convention (CTC), including the UK, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Polland, etc.

Customs Tariff Procedure

Modaltrans provides the best integrated electronic customs tariff that combines all the information and automatically calculates the VAT and customs duties.

Consolidated Invoicing

Modaltrans allows you to create bulk invoices directly from the jobs that save the operational and finance teams a lot of time&energy and prevent small mistakes.

Completely Cloud

Modaltrans is the leading cloud-based customs management software in the market, accessible from any device, and allows you to work remotely and more efficiently.