One Single Solution for All Your Needs

New generation FMS provides all in one features, including customer management, automated invoicing , tariff management, team management and insightful business reports.

Advanced portal

Developed to let you enhance the functions of a digital forwarder in a single solution that helps you interactively connect with your customers and streamline your daily business operations simultaneously.

Included with...

  • Real-time visibility
  • Custom branding
  • Insightful reports
  • Collaboration features
  • Multiple teams and branches
  • Back-office features
  • ERP integration capability

Smart Workflow

A brand new and interactive office hub will help your operation team to streamline their daily operations and decrease manual input.

Customer Interactivity

Your customers gain the ability to initiate bookings and quotation requests directly from Modaltrans's client portal.

Manage all Modes

This portal is not advanced only for ocean shipments. Manage your road, air, sea, and courier operations in the same place.


Modaltrans allows for the management of customer ledgers and issues cumulative invoicing. Moreover, the system enables using multi-currencies.

Exception Management

Manage your shipment exceptions and blockages on Modaltrans. Take action, monitor closely, and share the updates with the parties involved.

Data Enrichment

Leverage your existing data to give your customers better ETAs and your salespeople better insights for optimum pricing to win the deal.

Empowering Operations

Get vessel schedules from the ocean liners automatically. Manage your network and collaborate with them via your branded portal.