Why Cloud-Based (SaaS)?

From massive corporations to start- ups, almost every type of businesses preferred SaaS applications, in other words, Cloud-based softwares, to traditional systems. Flexibility, quick deployment, scalability, and security are the most important keys to success, these are also the features of our Cloud-based software.

<Keep It Tidy!>

All your supply chain is on a single platform. Organise your supply chain simply with an easy to use, well- planned interface.

<Integration Capability>

Steady improvements, updates and integration capability with 3rd party services via API enable you to run your operations smoothly.


Customised solutions for different needs. Use up-to-date and progressive software that can adapt to your requirements.

Modaltrans transport management features


We value teamwork and believe creating a collaborative work environment is what brings success to a company. To provide our customers with proper solutions for the problems they encounter, as a team, we work with the highest effort.

And we are offering you and your team a collaborative work tool. Stay up-to- date with your business while remote working. Everyone in your team can access Modaltrans via mobile phone, computer and tablet. Write Modaltrans to any browser and log in with just one click. To reduce all the extra communication and achieve higher rates of productivity, you can connect your teammates, create to-do-list and so more through our extended project management tools.


Data is stored in Microsoft Azure data centres. In this way, it guarantees 100% integrity, privacy, and usage. No unauthorised individuals can gain access to your data. All our plans include SSL encryption to keep your data safe. To ensure your safety we are always keeping our application up to date with the latest security patches.

Storing your data in your servers can make it an open target for cyber attacks. Moreover, endless maintenance needs and unexpected bugs will force you in all manners. Modaltrans offers you the modern way to store your business data with trustable infrastructure, high-level protection and regular backups.

Modaltrans fleet management features