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Current Available Positions at Modaltrans

Modaltrans is a globally growing SaaS company that provides business management tools for the logistics industry. You can find the details of our active acquisition programs and the positions we are currently hiring for.

Why Join Us

Great Working Environment

A winning team can get you ahead of rivals and keep you in the lead. Therefore, we work to create a happy environment where people are passionate and believe in teamwork and continuous improvement.

Solid Company

Modaltrans has been in the market for more than seven years and ensures employees always get paid on time thanks to healthy cash flow.

Passionate Leadership

Experienced and dedicated technical founders share responsibility with the team and help them to actively learn, and achieve their personal&career goals.

Flexible Working Hours

We offer flexible scheduling to our staff so they can create a work schedule that works best for them and choose where they work from.

Incentives and Amenities

Besides Friday happy hours and regular social activities, meal cards, and private health insurance are provided for all employees.