<Cohesive system from start to finish in the supply chain>

  • > Suitable for companies of all sizes and needs.
  • > Save time and repurpose labor to value-added operations.
  • > Seamless integration with internal ERP systems
  • > Comprehensive reports to make strategic decisions
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Holistic solution to merge teams and improve communication

Modaltrans holds all distributed teams together, enhances work coordination and boosts your team’s work quality.

Modaltrans transport management for freight forwarders


Operational Excellence. With user-friendly, intuitive screens, it is quite easy to manage your quotes, bookings and shipments. Moreover, you can store and share all necessary documents on cloud.

Customer Loyalty. Real-time updates and notifications on shipment statuses transmitted directly to the customer. Modaltrans helps you to add value on streamlines and keep your shippers loyal.

Business Profitability is one of the main focus doubtlessly. Modaltrans serves comprehensive platform to monitor KPIs, estimate costs per shipment, and optimize revenue stream.


Planning and Scheduling optimization enables you to better manage your orders, trucks, routes and drivers. Track and analyze key efficiency indicators based on drivers and assets.

Total Cost of Ownership is the real cost of assets have to be calculated by fleet owners. Modaltrans helps you to keep all maintenance logs, expense forms, and service periodicals under control.

Reduce Ongoing Expenses. Fuel is the largest ongoing expense for fleets and you can hunt down all the data automatically, thus unlock insight into your fuel spend.

Modaltrans fleet management for fleet operators
Modaltrans transport management for 3PLs & 4PLs

3PLs & 4PLs

Multimodal Transports. Modaltrans is designed and has been continuously improved for the aim of developing a complete transport chain or transport network that includes variety of carriers and parties of supply chain itself.

Warehouse and Inventory management is a vital part of your whole operation and streamline. Receiving, storing, handling, tracking and of course consolidating the inventory, while dealing with its rapid and constant changes, have become easier with Modaltrans.

Team Management. Let your in-house and remote teams work together seamlessly. Store important data, document and emails on your orders and transports without any limit.


Efficient Order Management Open tenders, invite forwarders, subcontractors and carriers. Manage all orders, e-mails and useless paperwork in one platform.

Integration capability of modaltrans due to modern framework is limitless. Merge your logistics data with inbound ERP System of your enterprise or 3rd party accounting services at ease.

Visibility Start to see real-time locations of your deliveries, crete status reports and get instant status notifications.

Modaltrans logistics operation management for shippers
Microsoft Azure cloud servers provide 100% trustable infrastructure

<Highly secure cloud foundation>

Take advantage of multi-layered security provided across Europe datacenters of Microsoft who employs more than 3.000 cyber security experts and spend over 1 billion USD for security research and development.

<Data privacy and protection>

Modaltrans strictly commit to keep your own data with full transparency, get regular backups and give you choice in how you store, process, and protect your data which is only used for agreed-upon services.

<Usability, Speed and Efficiency>

To robust user experience, Modaltrans present interface which is fast, reliable, and consistent. No more delays, outages and errors annoy and frustrates you in your daily operations.

Unique solution for all participants of logistics industry

Modaltrans warehouse management for warehouse owners
Warehouse Companies

Achieve a paperless environment that directs your employees automatically on the optimal picking, put-away and shipping of your products.

Modaltrans customs officers and speditions
Custom Agencies

Gain visibility and traceability on the entire import/export cycle, archive all files and documents associated with clearance process in digital format.

Modaltrans multimodal logistics management for 5PLs

Modaltrans is the correct foundation for logistics aggregators and helps them to manage contract transports and service providers digitally.

Continuous improvement and smart integrations


Integrate with other services and softwares via APIs (application programming interfaces) to improve ways to use automation to streamline business operation of your businesses.


Enable Electronic data interchange (EDI) for intercompany communication of your business with Modaltrans, standardize and digitize your orders or invoices.


Experienced and qualified team of Modaltrans have been working on new developments based on data analysis and business intelligence for advanced analyze modules.

Modaltrans logistics data analysis

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Watch our quick tutorials for better understanding about how to use everything from the most basic to the most advanced features of Modaltrans.

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